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DV Computers Perth & Fremantle | Check out our E-Store

DV Computers Perth & Fremantle | Check out our E-Store

Is it time to upgrade your laptop for the new year? Coming to make a decision about what model to buy, what specs to look for and what purpose we need such a device for can take a little time to figure out.

Thankfully, you need not only have to choose between the two most expensive models on offer. Laptops are diverse in their structure, peripherals on offer, and price points.

At DV Computers, we hope to give our customers further options by also helping them save money and find computers that are both brand new and refurbished to the higher standard.

The Benefits Of Refurbishment

All of our refurbished laptops are furnished to the highest standard, guaranteeing their operability, usability, and value.

We believe that a refurbished model should not have to be a vastly inferior option to purchasing brand new, and is often more of a valuable proposition for someone needing an upgrade.

Our refurbished models include all of the latest models, such as the HP Elitebook 840 G1, the HP Probook, The Lenovo Yoga 3 and more.

The benefits of refurbishment are vast. They include:

  • Recycling, caring for the planet and reducing plastic waste. They also ensure that older models are afforded the chance to enjoy their full lifespan, rather than being wasted over time.
  • Purchasing refurbished models leads to a culture of consumer-first buying standards, where companies are less encouraged to cycle out old models for the new on an over-frequent basis, upselling specifications with little to no sizeable improvement.

Our Packages

At DV Computers, we want to make sure you’re happy with your service, each and every time.

For that reason, we offer a 30 month labour warranty on computers both refurbished and brand new. Not happy with your device? We’re happy to give a 14-day exchange window on all refurbished models. This helps you not only find the device you like, but remain certain it’s going to fulfill your needs.

We also offer regular sales, a plethora of warranty options, and the highest serviced standards. Our pick up and drop off delivery service ensures we are convenient for you, no matter your logistical needs.

Caring For You

Refurbished laptops are a great starting point when finding a device, yet we also stock a range of other peripherals, accessories and hardware sets for you to craft or build your own device.

This includes PSU’s, RAM memory sticks, networking appliances, graphic cards and more. Why not get set up for the new year with a new device capable of providing you countless organizational and entertainment opportunities?

Browsing our e-store will help you see our product libraries, and viewing the products wholesale will help you see their direct technical specifications and warranties afforded to you. In some cases, we also offer product variations to ensure that you have the maximum choice over the aesthetic of your device or further included peripherals.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our E-Store today!


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