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Recycle your Old Computer and Devices | DV Computers Perth

Recycle your Old Computer and Devices | DV Computers Perth

DV Computers is a fully licensed dealer that is authorised to sell recycled PCs in Perth, WA. Not all PC computer repair stores are licensed to sell recycled PCs but because of our highly trained and professional team, we are allowed to resell recycled IT equipment.

As a licensed second-hand dealer (1029) of IT goods, we recycle more than 1,000 IT products per year:

  • Why Choose Recycled?
  • Our Guarantee

Not all older machines are unusable and the obvious advantage of recycling helps keep the environment that little bit better while refurbished PCs are guaranteed to run just as well as a new machine thanks to our dedicated and skilled team.

Why Choose Recycled?

The environmental impact of waste is taking a heavy toll on the planet and recycling should always be considered whenever possible. PCs and electronic devices are no different. A machine should not be simply thrown out as it can always be refurbished and repaired to full working order or parts inside can be used for another machine.

The EPA estimates that approximately 560,000 computers and mobile devices are taken to landfill each year which means that e-waste is now becoming one of the biggest issues for the environment. Because of this, a global solution is required before it gets out of hand. But by working with DV Computers, you can contribute to a safer environment and play your part in helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

All computer hardware recycled and IT equipment also needs to be safely disposed of in accordance with strict regulations and simply putting it in the trash or dumping it could land you a hefty fine since there are many hazardous components of a PC such as battery acid, sharp items and personal data.

All of these require specific disposal practices and techniques that not all IT vendors are licensed for but DV Computers is. When you bring a machine to be recycled you can go away with peace of mind knowing that your personal data will be safe and unusable materials will be disposed of in the correct and safe manner.

Our Guarantee

In accordance with the necessary accreditations and agreements, when you submit a PC system for recycling we will strive to ensure that any and all personal data is erased from the non-volatile memory and confidential data-bearing items before being re-used.

Our staff are trained to effectively remove any data that could be used as personally identifiable including usage history, personal documents, cloud access, passwords, usernames and more. Special data wiping techniques are employed so that there is no trace of the previous owner before the hardware is reused.

As a refurbished PC buyer, we can guarantee that all of our machines operate just as well as a new one, being rebuilt, repaired and maintained by a dedicated recycling team that specialises in developing new systems from older parts.

If you are interested in selling your used IT equipment then please drop into the store for an assessment or contact us for more information about our IT recycling service and if you can't make it to us we also offer a pickup and delivery service.


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