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Data Loss Rescue in Perth

Data Loss Rescue in Perth

Data loss can be a painful and costly experience whether you run a business or use your computer for private purposes.

Without the benefit of a backup system run regularly, you run the risk of losing your work and valuable time and information.

If your computer has crashed, and data appears to be lost, an emergency call to DV Computers without delay can save you a lot of time and money. Trying to fix it yourself may make matters worse.

DV Computers a wholly owned West Australian IT company, specialises in data rescue.

Mobile IT Service

DV Computers also offer a mobile service with IT specialists on the road. Or you can bring your computer to the shop, where it will be taken to the workroom for a thorough service and investigate your data loss issue.

After rescuing data, DV Computers can provide helpful advice, and provide clients with a reliable, affordable way of keeping their computers safe.

Since DV Computers opened its doors in 2001, it has developed a staunch following built on top service, fair prices and its enthusiastic qualified technicians with expansive knowledge of IT.

Diagnosis Is Crucial

The technicians deal with all manner of situations that cause computer crashes and data loss. Diagnosing whether it is a software error or a hardware error is crucial. Hardware components need to be operating smoothly but over time they can become worn or affected by heat.

An older computer is more likely to have occasional but fairly regular faults, as in all things, parts wear and break down over time.

Keep Your Laptop Cool

Computers that become hot are susceptible to crashing and are a risk of data loss. It’s easier to notice this with a laptop than with a desktop PC. A handy hint; a cool computer operates better.

Random access memory (RAM) can give intermittent signals of failure, particularly if the computer gets hot. Heat can cause the central processing unit (CPU) to crash. Although fans bring in cool air to prevent overheating, they can fail and may carry dust and dirt, another good reason to regularly clean computers with compressed air, or even the humble vacuum cleaner.

Aside from these issues, there are other hardware crashes that are more difficult to diagnose. Software tests or replacing various components may isolate the problem. Additionally, errors on a computer’s disk are likely to cause more permanent problems.

Protect Disk Surface

A disk is where information is stored in sectors which can break down. Data on the disk can be lost if the computer’s ‘read/write head’ comes into contact with the disk surface.

Operating Systems (OS)

Operating systems frequently ‘crash’. In many cases, a printer driver or a driver of another attached device can affect an OS and cause the crash. However, today’s OS’s are more stable and have a ‘boot’ mode to cope with drivers.

Virus Threat

When memory is being drained during switching from one program to another, the OS can fail to manage system resources adequately and crash. This can cause memory loss. If this memory is not retrieved, the OS will indicate that memory is low.

There are other ways an OS can crash and lose data, including a virus. For peace of mind, give DV Computers a call, or pop into their busy hub in Myaree. Their qualified technicians will advise you on your best way to overcome your issues.


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