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DV Computers | Data Recovery Pick Up Drop Off Perth and Fremantle

DV Computers | Data Recovery Pick Up Drop Off Perth and Fremantle

Everyone needs to have a reliable computer expert because you never know when you will experience computer trouble. When it happens, you need professionals you can call for a quick and convenient solution. DV Computers is a reliable expert who will take care of all your computer issues under one roof.

DV Computers offers:

Why choose DV Computers?

Convenient Services

When experiencing computer problems, you do not have to worry about creating time from your busy schedule to visit a diagnosis and repair technician. Just call, leave your address, and we'll pick, repair it, and then drop it off conveniently.

We also offer quick services minimizing downtime. We understand that it affects many operations at your work or home when your computer is not working. Our pickup delivery services are safe, convenient, and affordable.

All Services Under One Roof

It is frustrating having to keep up with different vendors or service providers for your computer needs. At DV Computers we offer every computer service you can think of under one roof. Do you need to upgrade your current mac or windows machine? We have quality and trendy options you can conveniently check out, even at the comfort of your home.

We also help you keep your new and older machines safe by installing reliable security features and updating them regularly.

Data Recovery

When a disaster strikes and you lose important data, we are here to retrieve it safely and quickly for you. You do not have to lose years of hard work or essential information because your computer crashed, a virus attacked, water or fire destroyed it.

Other than data recovery, we help you safeguard information with hard to hack backup systems. Just call us for the different backup plans available, and we will help you choose the most appropriate for your home computer and business needs. We also help you install safe network backups for faster and secure data retrieval.

What Do DV Computers' Clients Have to Say

Many people looking for computer repair, sales and services are attracted to convenient and fast services. Understandably, many have busy schedules making it hard to fix a faulty device or pick a new purchase.

DV Computers provides pickup and delivery services, all you have to do is call and book, a service that appeals to many. When you want to upgrade your Mac or Windows device, talk to us, explain what you're looking for, and we'll help you make an informed choice from our broad category.

It's also easier to detect and solve computer problems when you have all your needs met under one roof. The relationship with the service provider makes it easier to book and have issues resolved fast and conveniently.

DV Computers offers a warranty on all its services and purchases, assuring quality services all the time. Customers get a 30-day labour warranty on all computers, whether brand new or refurbished, and a 14-day hustle free exchange on all refurbished computer purchases.

DV Computers is your ideal service provider if you are looking for a reliable, experienced and one-stop shop for all your computer needs.


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