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DV Computers | One Stop Shop for Printer and Copier Repairs

DV Computers | One Stop Shop for Printer and Copier Repairs

Anyone that owns a piece of hardware knows how difficult it can be to keep it running optimally without having to scrap the thing entirely and get a new one. Of course, if that is the case, you'll know how expensive the whole affair can be. Printers, computers, copiers are all expensive bits of kit, especially on an industrial scale, and oftentimes you have to pay for installations. However, there is another solution, maintenance and repair. Of course, this itself can be quite costly and may even be less cost-effective than purchasing a new one outright. That is why at DV-Computers, we are committed to providing the best repair and maintenance service in Perth so that you, your business or your home can get back up and running at optimal levels for as long as you need.

We have a dedicated and excellently trained team of technicians whose aim is to have your hardware fixed hassle-free and without a hitch. This is across the board, from apple to windows, PCs to Printers.

Everyone who works in an office or school knows the importance of correct and well-distributed paperwork, and it is the cornerstone of keeping operations running. This is why your printer and copier is such an invaluable tool. If it breaks down, it could slow down your business tenfold, and the cost and time it takes to buy and install a new one may be all the difference. That is why it is our commitment to having one of our trained technicians look at your machines as soon as possible, with a focus on customer service that goes unmatched in Perth. We promise to fix your Ricoh printer and copier with all the latest and up to date parts at the industry standard, and they are all covered in our six-month warranty.

We are also the one-stop shop for environmentally savvy hardware, and as a licensed computer recycling company, we know how important it is that our technology isn't wasted and contributing to ecological damage, piling up in landfills and destroying the earth. All of our computer hardware is recycled and disposed of correctly.

As we are customer service focused, we want to ensure that once your printer/copier is fixed and fit for use, that it stays running for as long as possible. That is why part of our service is ongoing maintenance with our client's hardware. Our repair team also helps with surveillance systems, both repairs and set-up, along with a huge range of additional services we provide.

With our 6-month guarantee and our latest hardware guarantee, if you live in Perth and the Fremantle area and are struggling with any of your devices, there is no better place to turn to than DV-Computers. Your business, your home and your school are in safe hands with us, and our team ensures your satisfaction. It's easy; give us a call today and worry about your broken printer no longer!


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