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Computer Repairs Fremantle | Reliable & Affordable & Recyclable

Computer Repairs Fremantle | Reliable & Affordable & Recyclable

When it comes to computer problems, the first step is admitting that you're in trouble. Computer problems can keep you up at night and make your day go from bad to worse.

DV Computers is Fremantle's ace service provider, leaving only happy customers! So, give us a call and see how much better this makes your life, for reasonable prices. You'll get more than excellent service from knowledgeable people who really listen - at DV Computers, and it’s about understanding YOU, not just solving issues.

Get the computer repairs done conveniently at your doorstep, or come into store

We're open every day from Monday to Friday (9:30 am - 6 pm) & Saturday (9:30 am - 1 pm).

What to look at when you need your Computer/Laptop Repaired:

At DV Computers, you'll pay a fair price for a job well done. Our technicians are experienced and educated with today's technology - they're the best in their field!

However, there are a couple of things to look for whenever you look for computer/laptop repairs.

Skill levels

Inspecting the problem area is key to pinpointing a solution and accurate diagnosis for your computer repair needs.

DV Computers is in the line of business since 2001 with a team of experts and professionals. We are proud to say that they are one of the best computer/laptop repairs in Fremantle.


It is always better to have someone with expertise and experience in the industry rather than a novice. Computer repairs are a delicate business and quite dynamic. So without proper knowledge in the field, there is a greater chance that the repairs will not be successful.

DV Computers has 20 years of experience and can handle any problem that comes up!


The price you pay for computer repairs will depend on the type of work needed - if it's something minor, your bill won't be as high, but expensive repairs could cost more money.

At DV Computers, we offer reasonable prices with no surprise fees or hidden costs when all is said and done. Your time and money are valuable so take care not to get ripped off by other technicians who may charge higher rates without giving you what you really need. We'll give you top-notch service at fair prices.

Service Quality

In addition to being skilled at home computer repair, a technician needs to make sure his work is of the highest quality. Research and ask questions before hiring a company for computer repairs in Fremantle.

DV Computers has a successful track record of quality service in computer repairs in Fremantle, which means you can trust them to get the job done right.


A warranty proves that the company stands behind its quality of work and standards. Computer repairs without a warranty are risky, and you should think twice before availing of the service.

DV Computers offers the best warranty for computer repairs, Fremantle, WA, as per the following details:

  • Refurbished Laptop: 6 months on parts + 30 months on labour
  • Refurbished Desktop: minimum of 12 months on parts + 30 months on labour
  • Refurbished Equipment: 3 months
  • New Laptop & desktop computer: minimum new manufacturer warranty

Read Reviews

Review testimonials and then read a few customer reviews before you hire for the computer repair services in Fremantle or in any other places for that matter.

What our customers say about us:

"Their expertise was beneficial, and they were able to fix my computer problem." -Joanne Miller

"I had a great computer repairs Fremantle experience with DV Computers Computer Repair because of their knowledgeable staff."- Dennis Shaw

"This is the best Computer Repair I have ever found because they are very affordable, fair prices and always on time."-Olivia Williams

"If you need computer repairs, DV team is the best in Fremantle WA" - Elisa White

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What are Computer Repair Services?

A: These services include many different types of computer repairs such as virus removal, hardware installation, software installations, data recovery, etc.

At DV Computers, we offer reasonable prices with no surprise fees or hidden costs for the following services:

  • Computer Repairs
  • Apple repairs
  • Screen repairs
  • DATA Recovery
  • Virus removal
  • Networking
  • Other

Q: Where can I get my Computer Repaired in Fremantle?

A: There are several Computer Repair services in the Fremantle and Myaree area. We, at DV Computers, have been providing Computer Repairs for the last 20 years with a team of experts and professionals, and they are one of the best Computer repair service providers across Fremantle.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a Computer Technician?

A: Skill levels, an inspection of the problem area is key to pinpointing solution & making the accurate diagnosis; experience (it's always better to have someone who can handle issue); the prices you have to pay.

Q: What questions should I ask when looking for Computer Repairs?

A: It is always better to have someone with experience, knowledge, and expertise rather than hiring an amateur who might not fix the issue. The Computer Technician needs to answer your questions and make you feel that he can address the issue.

Final Words - Computer Repairs, Fremantle, WA

DV Computers has a team of professional Computer Technicians in Fremantle that can offer you the best Computer repair. We provide affordable, no-surprise fees and guarantee our quality service for your home or office computer repairs around the Fremantle, WA area with high satisfaction.


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