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Apple Mac Repairs in Fremantle: Reliable Services from DV Computers

Apple Mac Repairs in Fremantle: Reliable Services from DV Computers

If you're having trouble with your Mac and need Apple Mac repairs in Fremantle, DV Computers is the company to call.

DV Computers offers prompt and flawless Apple computer repairs and fixes because we are the industry leaders in this Fremantle area.

Get your Apple Mac issues fixed immediately by having them taken care of at DV Computers! Get the repairs done on your doorstep or come into the store to save time.

We're open every day from Monday to Friday (9:30 am - 6 pm) & Saturday (9:30 am - 1 pm). Please call: (08) 9329-9028

Specialized Apple Repairs Services By DV Computers

Is your Apple Mac getting slower? Are there any hardware parts of your Apple Mac not working correctly? Do You Need Apple Software up-gradation or installation?

We guarantee that the service at DV Computer is completed correctly. Furthermore, our Apple specialists are prepared to offer you the best answer possible.

Apple Device We Service:

  • Apple Laptops: MacBook / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro
  • Apple Desktops: iMac / Mac Mini / Mac Pro
  • Apple Mobile Devices: iPhone / iPad / iPad Pro

Services we offer in Fremantle Area:

We provide a comprehensive list of services, including software and hardware repairs and replacements as required.

Services Related to Software

We've got you covered at DV Computers:

  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Software Upgrade
  • Mac OS X / macOS / iOS Upgrades
  • RAM Upgrades
  • Data Backup & Recovery

Services Related to Hardware

We also provide hardware services for Apple Mac or Mobile Devices, such as iPhone/iPad glass and screen replacement, through our partner within 48 hours of the parts becoming available.

  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Logic Board Repairs
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Upgrades
  • Apple Hardware Replacement (Battery, Airport Express, Superdrive, iMac / MacBook Monitor, etc.)
  • Broken Screen Replacement

Service Warranty

When repairing your Apple devices, we promise to use only the finest quality parts. We provide a wide range of Original Used Parts with a 6-month warranty. In addition, we offer high-quality, completely new replacement components that come with a 12-month warranty.

Apple Mac Repairs Is A Specialized Job

Our specialists are well-informed and trained on current Apple technology, which is why they're the finest in their field!


We have been a Mac repair business since 2001, with a staff of skilled and professional experts. We are delighted to inform you that they are among the finest Apple Mac repairs in Fremantle.


You can count on DV Computers to assist you with any problem that may develop! We have over 20 years of experience and are ready to tackle any issue that arises!

Service Fees

At DV Computers, we provide competitive pricing with no hidden charges. So don’t be taken advantage of by other repair companies that may charge more significant fees but give poorer service because your time and money are valuable.

Quality of Service

DV Computers has a proven track record of delivering high-quality Apple Mac repair service in Fremantle, so you may rely on them to do the task correctly.

Read Reviews

Read a few client evaluations and testimonials before hiring for Apple Mac repair services in Fremantle.

Final Words - Apple Mac Fremantle, Myaree, WA

DV Computers offers a team of professional Apple Mac repair professionals who can assist you with your Mac servicing. We provide low-cost, no-surprise service and guarantee that our expert computer repairs satisfy or exceed your expectations in the Fremantle region.


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