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Secure Data Back Up Service | DV Computers Fremantle

Secure Data Back Up Service | DV Computers Fremantle

If you want to keep your data safe and secure, having a back up plan is essential. When computer problems strike, your data can easily be corrupted or lost. While data recovery can often restore damaged or missing files, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to access your data after a serious system, software or hardware failure. With data contingency plans in place, however, you can be sure that copies of all your files and folders are always accessible.

Creating a Data Back Up Plan

Having a data back up plan is important but having the right data back up plan is what really matters. How you use your laptop or desktop will have a big impact on which back up plans are best suited to your needs. If you’re a home user who saves a relatively small amount of data, for example, an external hard drive might be the simplest way to keep your files backed up.

For companies and businesses, however, a more comprehensive back up plan may be required. If you save, modify and process vast amounts of data on a daily basis, network storage may be the most effective way to keep it safe. If your on-site systems fail for any reason, having the data stored on the network will enable it to be restored or accessed from alternative devices. This means you can keep your business up and running with no downtime at all, even when you’re hit with computer problems and technical errors.

If you don’t currently have a back up plan in place, talk to the team at DV Computers today. Our experienced technicians are on hand to discuss your needs and help you find the right solution.

Restoring Your Data

System failures, physical damage or even age-related wear and tear can result in data loss. In addition to this, viruses, malware or spyware could compromise the integrity of your data and render it unusable. Fortunately, our professional data recovery services offer the best chance of retrieving and restoring your files and folders.

If you have a data back up plan in place, restoring your data can be quick and simple. In fact, many of our clients opt to use pre-installed back up restore points so that they can access copies of up to date data at any time.

However, if you don’t have an existing data contingency plan, our expert technicians will get to work recovering and restoring your data. No matter what’s caused your data loss, what operating system you’re using or what hardware you rely on, we’ll use a range of tools, processes and software to ensure your data can be securely restored.

Remember – whatever issue has caused your data loss also needs to be addressed. With convenient pick up and drop off computer repair services, we ensure your hardware can be fully repaired quickly and efficiently.

To find out more or to access professional data recovery services now, contact DV Computers


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