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Recycle Your Old Computer | DV Computers Fremantle

Recycle Your Old Computer | DV Computers Fremantle

Computers continue to evolve, and with each passing year, they get better and more powerful. Be it for word processing, gaming, internet use, or something else besides, buyers can benefit from the latest and greatest technologies available.

While this is great news for people like yourself, there is one issue. What happens to those old computers that people no longer have need of? Many people throw them out with the trash, but this is obviously problematic. Our landfills are already filled with waste products, be they electronic or otherwise, and these are responsible for damaging the environment.

Computers should not be disposed of in such a way, but unfortunately, millions of them are thrown onto our landfills every year. According to Clean Up, E-waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals that are leaked into the environment. It's a frightening figure and should be enough to make you think twice before throwing your computer into the trash. By getting rid of your computer responsibly, along with any of your other electronic items, you can do your bit to protect the world you live in.

So, what can you do with your old computer? Well, you could always donate it if it is in good working condition. You could also sell it privately. On the other hand, you could also recycle it by selling it to registered recyclers such as ourselves. We are a licensed dealer for used IT equipment in WA, and we will make sure your computer finds a better home than your local landfill. We save 1000s of PCs from the landfill every year, from all of the top brands, including Sony, Samsung, Dell, and more. When you sell your computers to us, you will do your bit to save the environment, and net yourself some extra cash to boot.

With the world changing rapidly on a daily basis, we all need to do our bit to stop landfill waste, so make the right choice when disposing of your computer. We might be able to refurbish it and give it a new lease of life. Your old computer would then find a home with somebody who really needs it, and at a more affordable price than those newer models that many people struggle to afford. Some of the components of your old computer could be used within the manufacture of something new. After all, why throw away a monitor when the plastic or glass could be used to create a new device? It makes sense to reuse materials that are still usable, as there would be less need to plunder the Earth for its natural resources.

So, don't add to the pollution that is prevalent in our world today. Contact our team at DV Computers, and get rid of your old computers the right way. You will make a little bit of money and this will give you the cash boost you need to buy something new. You will also do your bit to protect the environment. And you will give somebody else the opportunity to buy a computer that they can more readily afford. Do the right thing then, and contact us today about our IT recycling services.


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